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by LaDonna Smith

Flyinht2.jpg (10926 bytes)

"Flying Heart of Dreams"
(terra cotta sculpture)
                     -LaDonna Smith

Violin & Sculpture photo
               by Alice Faye Love



The whir of ocean breath

Cognizant of the beginnings

When life bore winged beasts

To garnish the potato firm in the ground

There were a number of mastodons

Elicit in their movements

Towards ripe curtains

Waiting to be drawn.

A train leaps from its tracks

Vigilante trespassers retreat

What more to ask from grandfathers'

Hands that meat?

Murder a new meaning

Giving time its chimney

A mark of life passing by

Where mere taste is satisfied.

Cables meander

From pole to tower

A quicker message is reached

By air.

Given a number of balloons in the sky

A moment of wide expectancy

Lies buried above the clouds.

More can be seen from the place

Other than that which falls

From a limb but sways from

The sliken sand of the beaches' loam.

Can it be that the starfish

Is awake and seen by day

Only to propose the questions

Point by point?

-LaDonna Smith



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